Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Who is Meridian Concepts?

Meridian Concepts is a Real Estate firm serving the communities of Rochester, Minnesota and the Twin Cities.  As a member the National Association of Realtors and of local organizations (SPAAR - St. Paul Area of Realtors) and SEMAR -South East Minnesota Association of Realtors),  full access to the Multiple Listing Services in these communities is available.

Meridian Concepts, Inc. has been licensed since 1998 but the individual license dates back to 1986.  Yes, I've been around a while.

The company name is only a name.  The company conscience is personal - and it starts with me.  So, the real question is not "Who is Meridian Concepts", but rather "Who is Mike?".

Here is where I become a bit uncomfortable.  You might expect that I "blow my own horn".  But let's not look at it quite so bluntly.  You just want to know a little more about me - that's all.  So, since I've had to write about this topic before, let me just point you to a couple of links that will help you figure things out.
Responsible Referrals Blog - The Who and the Why
Segway Off the Streets - Fundraiser for StandUp For Kids

Of course, checking links takes time and effort.  If you prefer, feel free to call!  I welcome all of your questions and concerns.

This is just the first posting and it's a good place to start.  This weekend (May 4-6) we hope to provide a number of answers to inquiring minds regarding real estate.  You're invited to bring your questions on Saturday morning, May 3, 2014 to The Press Coffee & Tea Lounge (315 S. Broadway, Rochester).  Ask your question, fill out a little survey card and be entered to win a $25.00 gift card to this great coffee shop!

Mike Taylor
Email: (or just click here)
Cell: 651-303-1932
Rochester: 507-216-7816
Toll Free: 800-921-4298